“Doing life together is a commitment bigger than ourselves with an end goal where everyone wins.”

Grace Girl Morning Activities

Morning Stretch
Line Dancing

Chat and Chew Lunch Excursions 


After checking in at our Remade by Grace counter, head to the gathering place, where we will pray before heading out for our lunch excursions. Lunch is on your own, but we’ll eat in groups and venture out to various lunch destinations to chat and chew.


Doing Life Together Challenge

Get ready to use your detective skills for a friendly competition! You don’t want to miss out on this scavenger hunt with a twist.


Bedtime Buzz

They’re  back!  The Mothers of FBCG,  a group of women who each have more than 50 years of experience on the journey of life, will host us on Thursday night for Bedtime Buzz.  Put on your favorite Grace Girl pajamas and join us as we hear these ladies share their successes of doing life together through Connection, Conversation and Community .

Lip Sync Battle

Here’s the thing....
You don’t really have to sing
You don’t really have to dance
You just have to be energetic and have the desire to have fun 
Find out how you and your girls can be a part of our Lip Sync Battle!