Dr. Brook Parker-Bello

Dr. Brook Parker-Bello is a multiple award winning social innovator who has distinguished herself with her works, addressing different social issues including human trafficking, sexual abuse and mental health. A highly sought-after international speaker, actress, author, CEO, mentor, entrepreneur, curriculum developer and founder of multiple organizations, Dr. Bello is intentional in her strive towards addressing critical societal challenges within the framework of Christian teachings. The myriad of awards and recognitions she has received are testament to her conscious efforts designing her life for service to others. In 2016, Dr. Bello became a recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards from the 44thPresident of the United States and the White House for her outstanding achievements. She was also awarded the Advocate of the Year by the Human Trafficking Council held by Attorney General Pam Bondi of the State of Florida in addition to being recognized by the State of Florida under the administration of Governor Rick Scott for her excellent works in combating human trafficking. 

Dr. Bello is the Founder and CEO/ED of the award winning More Too Life, Inc. an organization dedicated to ending human-trafficking by mentoring and educating those affected by it to rediscover themselves and their authentic identity while motivating others to take charge of changing systems and ideologies that fuel its root causes. She understands that the problems are amphibious and that in tackling the issues, a multi-faceted approach is vital. She also recognizes that social problems are interconnected and lean on one another. It is for this reason that she also founded the YOUTHIASM, an organization that seeks to develop a well-being youth that is enthusiastic about living a life in God. The platform would allow youths who have been pulled out of misery to rediscover their authentic identity and take charge of their emotions while rising above their misfortunes. The Legacy of Fatherhood Initiative is yet another link in the chain through which Dr. Bello hopes to connect all the dots for a wholesome community. Through the initiative, she hopes to raise males who would become men of honor that God has created them to be. As she puts it herself, “without men of honor we will fail.”