Amazing Grace!

Do you believe that God’s love can change the direction of your life no matter the situation? The answer is yes! God’s grace is always bigger than our mistakes. His grace is clothed in love and redemption.

 Schemeka Bowrin's story is just another example of that amazing grace …

I’m afraid to tell my story because it forces me to face my past and I’d rather leave it there and never look back. But God has a way of using what was supposed to destroy you – or even kill you – and turning it around so that He gets all the glory. 

I’ve been in the healthcare field for a little over 11 years, but on my journey to get here, my full-time profession was a dancer. I danced at nightclubs and private parties and in return, I was paid for my services. I did not have a moral clause because self-worth and valuing my body was at the bottom of my priorities. I had small children to feed, bills that needed to be paid and going to school during the day limited my options for full-time work. 

Like drugs, money is addictive, and when you see lots of it, you become greedy and continue going back for more. I’ve even witnessed others being robbed at gunpoint. I did not think about my life being preserved, only that I still had my money. I valued the money more than my life, to the point that I laid on dirty floors while the police conducted raids in clubs that were operating illegitimately. Nevertheless, I would return the following day because my children needed food and shelter.

My acts were shameful, dirty, disgusting and just plain old stupid. Even though I knew that there was another way, I was comfortable, and I still continued to dance. It was my norm for years.  And then one day God just tugged at my heart, and I couldn’t do it anymore. Of course, there were times that I got desperate for money, and I wanted to revert back to what I knew, my comfort zone and my old habit. God’s grace gave me a way out and provided for my family and for me. 

God has replaced my past with a passion for ministering to other women about the value of their bodies. I am thoroughly embarrassed by my past, but knowing that it can encourage and inspire other women to trust God for their needs gives me the courage to continue.

I had to learn to present my body as a living sacrifice to the Holy Spirit and not a living sacrifice to the world. I had to teach myself to chase God like I chased money every night. Today, I am eight years free from subjecting my body, to only God knows what, with no desire to return!

Maybe this is your situation, but we all have made choices that left us feeling naked and exposed. God’s grace is waiting to cover you with the strength of His love and forgiveness. 

Remade by Grace … don’t let your past write your future

Tylunda Greene