Restoring Grace

There are so many resources available to women who are trying to live a pure life.  Everywhere you turn, there’s blogs, books, or posts on social media that reminds us of what we stand for as women of God.  Even with all that, how many of you can join with me and admit that more times than we would like to admit, we get it wrong! 

In this week’s blog Maria White shares her story of not always living up to God’s expectation and reminding us that it’s OK. God’s love covers us even when we don’t get it right.

Maria’s Story . . .

Less than ten years ago, I went through a dark season in my life, where I walked under an umbrella of restlessness in my mind that impacted my body and soul.  I took on traits that were outside of God's plan for my life.  Several FBGG ministry leaders recognized my drifting and challenged me to reflect on some of my childhood pains that could be pushing me into this collision mode. These ungodly traits caused a catastrophic crash!

This crash caused my sisters (spiritual and natural) to come immediately to my aide.  During this triage, one of my biological sisters and my spiritual sister prayed for me like never before and told me to hold onto Psalm 46:10.  Another sister shared that I had to rest and really look at myself.  However, my middle sister drove my mom across the country to address the issues face-to-face. This sister shared that God told her to come and speak candidly to me.  She spoke as God instructed her and began to remind how I always pour into others but I don’t take my own advice.  She told me to raise my hands, repeat was she was saying three times and receive it in my heart.  Three times I said, “I’m a disobedient hypocrite.” 

As I raised my hands, spoke those four words three times, I began to say, I don't want to be disobedient nor a hypocrite. I immediately repented and prayed these words: Father, forgive me and remake me by your grace.  Whenever I find myself at a point of disobedience, I reflect on God’s love and pray for strength to turn away.

Just like Maria, our lives do not always match our confession.  It’s not God’s expectation that we will get it right always, but it is His expectation that we live an obedient life.  When we fail, He’s waiting to forgive and bring us back to a place of redemption.

Your past does not determine your future . . . Remade by Grace


Tylunda Greene