Grace Through the Storm

Have you ever experienced a period or season of life where you felt like everything that you never wanted to happen, happened?  I mean the rain not only poured but your roof all of a sudden had a new hole in it over your bedroom.  There have been times that we’ve considered that we must have done something really terrible, and God has to be mad at us!

I’ve discovered that these seasons are times that God uses to refine us and to demonstrate a greater grace toward us. If we never have a great need, how would we ever know that He’s a great provider?

Venita, a single mother, lost her job. Certainly, she had a great need to provide for her children. Her story is a story of God’s endless grace and provision.

Take a look!

When I got laid off from my job, my biggest fear was not being able to take financial care of my kids. I am a single mom, and I've always been the sole provider of my household. I took survey assignments, temp assignments and did volunteer services at Hospice of the Chesapeake. I knew God had other plans for me, I just couldn't see it clearly at the time. My house went into foreclosure, and I was getting hit with other bills that seemed to be coming at me from all sides, but I continued to pray because I knew that the Lord was working it out for my good. Just like the song by William Murphy, “it's working.” I think I played that song every single day.

Eventually, things started to turn around. I received a call from my mortgage company saying that I was approved for my modification and that my mortgage was even lower than before. I started working for a radio station for a brief moment which I absolutely loved. The atmosphere around the music and the people also helped me get through my situation. Then shortly after that, I had gotten a call for a full-time job on Capitol Hill which I am currently employed at now. This job is also an absolutely blessing to me, and I love working here as well. It is just amazing because my entire situation has gotten better than before.

Sometimes we can't see what God has for us because the pain is so bad while we are going through it. What I learned from my situation is to be still and to trust in God. What really put the icing on the cake was a moment when I was in church at the noon service. God had sat me beside this young lady who blessed me with $200 in an envelope after the church service. She was a complete stranger and told me that while we were holding hands during prayer, God spoke to her and told her to bless me. I was blown away and in tears of joy. 

There are some of us that are experiencing a season of great need. Like He did for Venita, God will restore what has been lost.

Endia Leonard