It Is Finished

This morning the words “it is finished” bombarded my heart and flooded me with an overwhelming sense of gratefulness. Around this time every year, we hear these poignant words. This phrase is only found in the gospel of John and today I discovered that when translated, this phrase means “paid in full.”   

If you have accepted Christ into your life, your past is forgiven. There is nothing left for you to do but leave it there – in the past. I want to be clear that this does not mean that you will not have to endure the consequences of your choices, but instead, mean that your past does not possess the power to rule your life. Let me give you an example of what I mean. I grew up in church, but when I got older, I decided to do my own thing. As a result, I was a single mother making $12,000 a year. I was at an all time low, and there was only one person who could help me out of the hole I created. Jesus forgave me of my sin, but I still had to be a mother. I still had to endure making huge sacrifices for my child to be okay. I had to go from thinking about what to wear out on a Friday night with my friends, to staying up all night with my sick, asthmatic baby.

My sins were forgiven, but the consequences were mine. There were days harder than others, but I had the confidence of knowing Christ was with me. Some days were extremely hard but I never truly felt alone. I had made some huge mistakes and suffered at the hands of others, but none of that determined my future. Soon I met and married a wonderful man who loved both my daughter and I. There are still times in my life where I am reminded of whom I used to be, the people I hurt out of my selfishness and the pain I endured because of someone else’s selfishness.  If allowed some days have the power to pull me into a dark place.

But today, once again, I was reminded that “It is finished,” and my debt has been “paid in full.” I am healed of the abuse of others. I am left only with the scars that remind me of God’s power.

Hold your head up Grace Girl! Yes you made poor decisions, or maybe horrible things have been done to you, but no matter what, you are so much more than those mistakes or hurts forced on you without your permission. You have been given the gift of grace. If you take the time to unwrap this undeserved gift, you will discover the strength you need to move forward on your journey. You see, grace was not created so you cannot buy it; it is not a merit so you cannot earn it; and it is not conditional so you cannot lose it. It is a gift from God!

Here at the FBCG Women’s Ministry, we pray:

That you will find the strength to let your past go.
That your faith will increase to trust the ONE who paid your debt.
That you will bask in the magnitude of Christ’s love for you.
You receive the strength it takes to forgive and move forward.
And finally, that you will truly come to understand what it means to be Remade by Grace!
You’re forgiven,
You’re loved,
Your past does not determine your future …
“It Is Finished.”


Tylunda Greene