What does it mean to be unstoppable?  When I ponder my life, I feel that I am "unstoppable" because, with God, I can do anything.  And so can you.  These last few months have been full of so many wonderful events.  Two of our children got married, within six weeks of each other.  Our granddaughter who lives with us graduated from elementary school.  Our baby graduated from high school and is headed to Georgetown University in just a few days.  And I get to remodel my kitchen, which is a dream come true!  All of this occurred on top of the sometimes hectic life of ministry, which is full of both mountain top experiences and valley journeys.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love my life, and I am so grateful to God for loving me the way He does and bestowing on me all these wonderful blessings.  But I have to confess that these months have been some of the most trying.  I went from one thing to the next to the next, without any time to recover.  Talk about feeling overwhelmed!  But I thank God for His relationship with me.  He is my very own Heavenly Father!  He is the One I can go to and talk to, the One who knows everything about me, the One who reminds me every day of just who He is.  

It is so important to communicate with God.  When feeling overwhelmed I would pray, Lord, please get me through this event; Lord get me through this emotion; Lord make me strong enough to stand against this temptation.  For me, it is a step by step walk, literally.  I have learned that without God, I can do nothing!  And I am not ashamed to say that.  But on the other hand with Him, I can do anything because nothing is impossible for God.

Well, I got through all the senior activities, wedding plans, bridal showers, and life situations!  God has demonstrated to me that with Him, I am "unstoppable."  Nothing is too difficult for me!  

Now, on to the kitchen...

Tylunda Greene