Unstoppable Purpose

Have you ever had days when you honestly just didn’t want to be an adult?  The days when it felt like those around you just didn’t get what you were going through?  When it felt like your entire house had revolted against you, and it was now you against them and all their needs?  Once the dinner was cooked, clothes washed, homework checked and bedtime stories told, the only breath you were allowed to take was the one to prepare for your second shift of evening duties. Thank goodness for the 6-7 hours of sleep (on a good night), before it all starts over.The above is mixed with humor and truth. But the biggest mystery I have found in life is how all the demands and challenges of being a woman are the very things that fuel me every single day.  I think about who’s depending on me, and I somehow find the will to continue.

I wonder if anything like this was going on in the mind of Christ as he walked with the cross towards Calvary.  Did He consider the cause of His trip to Calvary?  What I do know, He had an unstoppable obedience to His Father, who had an unstoppable love towards us that wouldn’t allow Him to turn from His purpose.  Ladies, there are a lot of competing demands for our attention, but we want to encourage you to remember that God has created each one of you with a purpose that is unstoppable.  You are strong enough, you are smart enough, you are good enough to complete whatever the task may be – you are unstoppable

Tylunda Greene