Facing the Cliff

Are there things in front of you that look scared, that has you thinking if you attempt to overcome you will not make it and even work, have something bad happen?  We all have at some point, but who wants to stay in that place?  Read First Lady Trina’s story about overcoming her fear.

John and I were led on a tour trail that took us deep into the woods, where we were surrounded by beautiful trees, blue skies, and soothing water. But as we walked up the hills, the path got narrower, and the drops became more frightening.

The tour guide was carefree as he pointed out amazing views of God's handiwork. But I couldn’t enjoy the beauty because I was focused on the cliffs, studying my every step because I was worried about falling. When we finished the trail, I realized I didn't have pictures of the breathtaking images and spectacular sights. I was so mad at myself!

But then a voice inside of me said, “Girl at least you walked the cliff!”  There was a time when I would’ve turned back, but I celebrated walking the cliff! I was scared, but I did it anyway. The moral of the story? Stop focusing on the things that trip you up and start focusing on how far you've come.
See we all have a "cliff" that causes us to be afraid, or maybe you did walk the cliff, but you're now ready to go back and take pictures!  Let's take the next step together and get our brave on!  

Tylunda Greene