Minister Carol Owens Ford

Carol Owens Ford is a native of Washington, D.C.  She is the Senior Executive Assistant of the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church where her brother, Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., is the pastor.  Carol's organizational skills and professional skills are a significant key to Greater Mount Calvary's growth and success.

For over fifty years, at the early age of 14 years old, Carol gave her life to Christ.  Although she has not dotted every I or crossed every T, she has learned how to hold herself together because falling apart was not an option...knowing "All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and have been called according to His purpose."Romans 8:28

Her quiet and unassuming manner does not speak to the many trials that she has overcome in her years of walking with the Lord.  It does, however, speak of her determination to overcome any and all of life's obstacles with the help of the Lord. Her personal relationship with God has given her an unfailing strength, and through her example, she has taught others to go through the trials of life with confidence, dignity, courage and joy.  She is an anointed woman of God who has been raised up "for such a time as this."

Carol is a counselor, spiritual advisor, an excellent moderator, a teacher and an author; but above all else, she is a woman with an underlying commitment to the Lord.  She is an instructor under the Calvary Bible Institute, an entity of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church.   

Carol has served as the keynote speaker at the Billy Graham Campsite and has appeared as a guest on "The Right Side" talk show with Armstrong Williams and was featured on BET's "Heart and Soul", where she shared her story nationwide and touched the hearts of millions.  She has also been a guest on DC Cable 26, Interfaith Voice Radio Talk Show (Washington D.C), Women Need To Know (WGTM Trinidad, West Indies) and BBC Local Radio (United Kingdom).  In September 2005, Carol served as the "inspirational speaker" for the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C where she spoke to over 2500 men and women.  She is the instructor of a class called “A Woman’s Worth” which is an 8 week course that encourages women to love themselves and to appreciate who they are and the blessings of the Lord that are upon their lives.  She candidly speaks works of wisdom as she informs the women “to be you and nobody else.”  Her international travels have taken her to London, Paris, Italy, Trinidad, Hawaii, The Bahamas, Brazil, and Africa (Ivory Coast and Nigeria).  

She is a graduate of the Cortez Peters Business College and the Calvary Bible Institute.  She is the proud mother of three adult children and the proud grandmother of four.  She is known for her “realness.”  The Lord led her to name her website “JUST CAROL.”

Carol is an encourager.  She loves putting a smile in the hearts of others and has gracefully become the matriarch of  her family. She is “Aunt Carol” to many and her smile lights up a room when she walks in and you can feel her powerful yet gentle presence as the energy changes to that of love and warmth.  She is truly a Lady of Grace.    

Carol Owens Ford is a witness that if you want to stay saved, YOU CAN!