Charita D. Matthews

Born and raised in Maryland, Charita D. Matthews was educated in the Prince George’s County Public School system, graduating in the first class from Charles H. Flowers High School. She furthered her education at Prince George’s Community College, receiving an Associate Degree in Business Management. She then earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Management Studies from the University of Maryland University College. Additionally, she is a licensed cosmetologist and has her certification in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

Since joining FBCG in 1997, Charita has been a part of several ministries including Dance Ministry, Nurse’s Ministry, and Queen Esther. She has been a faithful member of Wives’ Support Ministry for over ten years, including serving time on the core team as Administrative Assistant and Social Media Representative.

Charita uses her experience as Chief Editor at Matthews Media Management to fuel her passion for helping women, especially wives, achieve work-life balance. As a millennial wife and entrepreneur, Charita embraces the call to advocate for, and support women navigate through the complexities of maintaining a Godly marriage beginning with mental and emotional wellness. 

She and her husband Edward recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. They are the parents of a seven-year-old son.