Free Market

In Acts 2, the church was on one accord, and when there was a need, they came together as a community to ensure that the need was met. As we strive to do life together, we believe that it is a privilege to be used as God’s conduits to bless others. During He Loves Me, our Free Market is about just that: being a blessing to others. We want to create opportunities for our sisters to feel comfortable opening up their homes to others. 

Below are items that we are collecting to be shared with others during He Loves Me at the Free Market. 

If you would like to join us, please drop off your donations on Sundays during all services starting Sept. 1, 2019. Our tables are located in the Great Hall

Items Needed

Kitchen – , complete sets of dishes, cutlery, glasses, serving utensils, serving bowls, canisters, small utility carts, trivets, kitchen towels, spice racks, coffee mugs and teacups, coffee makers, teapots, pepper mills, bakeware, water pitchers, paper towel holders, napkin holders, dish drains, ice buckets, egg trays and small appliances (which must be in the original packaging).

Living Room – wall hangings, picture frames and stands, candles, candlesticks and holders, lamps, placemats, napkin rings, chargers, centerpieces, vases and mantle décor.

Family Room/Media Room – games, CDs, gaming stations, popcorn machines, movies, music, Echo Dot, Google Home, baskets for storage, TV trays and coasters.

Kids Playroom – toys, books, tablets, iPads, computer games and educational materials (i.e., activity boards and devices as well as table and chair sets).

Home Office – electronic items (i.e., adding machines and label makers), desk sets, mouse pads, wireless keyboards and mouse devices, desk pads, scissors, desk accessories, wall art, diploma frames and trash bins.

Outdoor Living – lawn chairs, tablecloths, citronella candles, beverage buckets, picnic baskets, serving trays, outdoor lighting items and coolers.

Miscellaneous/Other – comforters (dry cleaned or new), holiday décor and any new household items in original packaging.


  • Only complete sets of dishes, glasses, serving utensils, small appliances, serving bowls and canisters.

  • Gently used items must be dry cleaned and new items must be in their original packaging with instructions (i.e., comforters).

  • No pressed wood furniture items.