Gwendolyn Wade

Ms. Gwendolyn Goodwin Wade (affectionately known as “Gwen”) is a proud member of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden.  Under the tutelage of Senior Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr.  Where she currently serves as a Certified Altar Counselor, a Sunday School Teacher (10-11 yr olds & 12-14 yr olds) and the Chaplin of the FBCG Singles Ministry.

She is a native Washingtonian who currently resides in Hyattsville, Maryland. The eldest child and daughter of the late Mr. Clifford Goodwin and Mrs. Hattie Goodwin Morris.

As the eldest child, she was reared in a strict Christian home where there were many opportunities for being Accountable and she was always taught to be the “Older Example” before her two younger siblings.

During her youth, while growing up in the inner-city of DC, life brought many painful and awesome lessons, but through it all, she could always see GOD’S hand moving on her behalf!  It is here, where GOD begins to “speak to her Soul in the inner core of the hood”.   It was in February of 1994, when GOD sent his Vessel Pastor Jazzmin Sculark to that small church to speak directly to her.  A Sermon entitled “A Lop-Sided Relationship”. It was the story of how GOD had Blessed Solomon to be the Wisest and Wealthiest man alive.  Foretelling of how GOD demonstrated his Faithfulness to Solomon, but where was Solomon’s Faithfulness to GOD?....After He spoke these things to her, the Holy Spirit prompted her to surrender her life to the Lord!

She attended Savoy Elementary, Douglass Jr High, Ballou Senior High and Prince Georges Community College.  She has been currently employed by Dominion Virginia Power for the past 30 years in various positions, and is happy to say that she “still loves going to work every day”!

Earlier on, she was biblically educated, accepted Christ and entered into holy matrimony at Enon Baptist Church in Washington DC, under the late Pastor Emeritus Arthur N. Shinglar.

Unbelievably, even as a young girl, she was quite aware that she was gifted to be used by GOD!  Often times God would show her little glimpse of what he was up to, but never in her most believable mindset, could she ever imagine that he would be so Awesomely Favorable towards her.

He empowered her with natural Gifts of being Kind, Easy-going, Friendly, Funny, Creative and Loyal, while also equipping her with the Supernatural Gifts of being mindful/aware of things which didn’t seem to matter to others. An Exhorter who wants to Help and Teach others GOD’S Way of Living.  One who is Optimistic, Diligent, Passionate and Organized!

Yes indeed, Romans 12:1 & 2 are the words that God gave her to move from her old-stinkin-way-of-thinking, to her newly-Transformed-Way-of-living……”Do you not know Gwen that you were brought with a price?...HE paid it all on the Cross, now what shall YOU Present to Him”?  

So now for me, every day is about presenting my Reasonable Gifts to the King JESUS, so that HE can use me, so that others will be provided the opportunity to Know HIM, Fall in Love with HIM and Live everyday Committed to Obeying HIM!