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Getting Past Your Past

Are you trying to move ahead, but it feels like your past is tagging along for the ride? We want you to do life, but not with your past experiences that hinder you from living in the present. Join us as we unpack the lies that are holding you back and embrace God’s promises that will propel you forward. 

Sister’s Keeper

Dr. Blair Robinson

How does one choose who to do life with and how does one develop a sisterhood circle in which lives are transformed? This workshop will not only share the ‘how to's,’ but will identify the roadblocks that can bring this process to a screeching halt.

How to Make Your House a Home

Dr. Bernice Alston

You have the structure that will provide shelter, but it takes more to make it a home. A home, a safe haven where you weather the storms. Learn how to create memories and make your home the center for ministry and for doing life.

Side Chickology (Married)

Pastor Keith Battle

The percentages of confessed marital infidelity are staggering. Both men and women cheat, regardless of sexual gender preferences. This workshop will give the reasons why most committed relationships have some form of betrayal and broken trust. The road to recovery and rebuilding trust in the marriage. ~ How to fall in love again.

Side Chickology (Singles)

Pastor Keith Battle

One of the most common occurrences in our society today is acts of relationship unfaithfulness. Both men and women cheat, regardless of sexual gender preferences. Ironically, something as painful as betrayal can be the very catalyst of catapulting a relationship from average to amazing. 

To Get Her to Laugh Again

First Lady Julia Covington

Have overwhelming responsibilities, loss of loved ones, depression and/or health challenges caused you to become overly serious about life? Have you lost your sense of humor, or did you ever have one? Learn to laugh again. Laughter is, after all, a communal activity which promotes bonding, diffuses potential conflict and eases stress and anxiety. It’s an activity best done with others, rather than at others. Laughter does good[SR1] , just like a medicine. Come on, let’s get to laughing. (Come on, let the laughing begin!)

Kingdom Business

Ja Rai “Jay” Williams

We all face crises in life - and they can rattle us to our very core. During these moments, circumstances have a way of pushing us toward[SR1] God, unhealthy coping mechanisms and the wrong people. If you find yourself in emotional or physical pain due to a crisis, this session is for you. You will acquire tools to help you stand in the middle of a crisis by learning how to go from fear to faith, spot a distraction in the valley and discover the truth within the battle. You will leave empowered, understanding that your present situation is not your final destination. So, join us while we unpack the reality of the difficult places that occur while we do life together, but also acknowledge that although being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.

To Get Her to Pray

First Lady Jamel Meeks

The secret weapon of all believing women is prayer. Yet we wrestle with, “how often should I pray?” “Can I pray the same thing over and over?” “Will God hear my prayer?” At the conclusion of this workshop, each participant will be equipped and inspired with the tools of persistent prayer. 


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