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We recognize that it’s easy to live an independent and autonomous lifestyle, but this is not God’s desire for our lives. This choice of living allows us to hide our faults and convinces us that we are protecting ourselves from being hurt. The truth is, each of us desires to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We were created to be a part of the body of Christ. We long for the community, but even when we become a part, there will be seasons that will test our fortitude. The good news is there are women that can relate to our experiences. The “Her Workshops” are designed to equip God’s girls with the necessary tools as they engage in doing life with others. Read through the varied choices and seek God as to where you need to focus to become more like Him as you engage in doing life with others.

While we are excited about all of our workshops this year, please remember that they are first come, first served. They are being offered twice, so if you don’t get in the first time, you always have another chance!


Arise | Elevate | Conquer | Love

Dr. Brook-Parker Bello

Shame undone takes place at the crossroads of knowing that freedom is an inside job and a conscious decision to run full speed ahead in God's grace. This session will unlock and uncover the subconscious/unconscious ideas we have about ourselves and the world around us. These ideas are often far from the truth, plans and all that God has revealed in His Word and the immense love He has for you and His church.

Getting Past Your Past

Raychon Stroman

Are you trying to move ahead, but it feels like your past is tagging along for the ride? We want you to do life, but not with your past experiences that hinder you from living in the present. Join us as we unpack the lies that are holding you back and embrace God’s promises that will propel you forward. 

Gifts of Encouragement

First Lady Niki Roberts

I Thessalonians 5:11 challenges believers to encourage one another. We all need to be encouraged to press ahead in our journey of following after God and accomplishing His will. As women, our words are vitally important, whether spoken to our husbands, our children or our friends. The recipient will replay our words time and again, leaving an impression on their soul. What gift are you giving to those around you? Join us as we challenge one another to provide words of life wrapped in silver boxes.

Doing Life Together: Kingdom Builders

Ja Rai “Jay” Williams

Did God give you a vision to build, yet you are encountering difficulties in moving forward with the construction of that vision? Perhaps you aren’t overseeing the construction with the right strategy, i.e., the right people to help you build. Doing life together has many benefits, the most important of which is to partner with like-minded believers to build God’s kingdom. Your vision is God’s vision and His people must come together to contribute their part to the master plan. During this workshop, we will explore Nehemiah and how he rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem based on a vision and the willingness of the people of God to “rise up and build” and “set their hands to this good work.” 

Lay Your Burdens Down: Healing and Forgiveness of Self and Others

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Welcome to the power and possibilities of healing and forgiveness. In this interactive session, we will move through a healing process that supports you in FULLER self-expression and greater FREEDOM in your mind, spirit, body and heart. Release toxic emotions, damaged self-esteem, and false beliefs that have you limiting yourself or God. It is time to GET FREE!

Principles for Doing Life Together in the Home

Dr. Blair Robinson - Price

The dynamics of the home have taken a turn in recent years. With endless societal demands and packed schedules, responsibilities of the home have played a minor role. Balancing family, work and all of life’s demands can undoubtedly turn a home into a cave of confusion if not careful. Regardless of your current status–married, single or widowed –as women, we have an impact on our home environment. In this workshop, participants will explore seven principles that will equip them to do life together by refocusing on rebuilding in the home. Participants will take a personal look at the current state of their homes and examine areas where they can improve.

Side Chickology (Married)

Pastor Keith Battle

The percentages of confessed marital infidelity are staggering. Both men and women cheat, regardless of sexual gender preferences. This workshop will give the reasons why most committed relationships have some form of betrayal and broken trust. This workshop will discuss the road to recovery and rebuilding trust in the marriage as well as how to fall in love again.

Side Chickology (Singles)

Pastor Keith Battle

One of the most common occurrences in our society today is acts of relationship unfaithfulness. Both men and women cheat, regardless of sexual gender preferences. Ironically, something as painful as betrayal can be the very catalyst of catapulting a relationship from average to amazing. 

To Get Her - B.L.E.S.S. Her

Reverend Belynda Gentry

To get her, you must bless her! This workshop will share personal principles and values that you can incorporate into your walk as you pursue doing life together. These principles and values will help you with relationships—new and old. These principles and values are designed to take relationships from the surface and shallow to deep-rooted and lasting friendships.

To Get Her to Laugh Again

First Lady Julia Covington

Have overwhelming responsibilities, loss of loved ones, depression and/or health challenges caused you to become overly serious about life? Have you lost your sense of humor, or did you ever have one? Learn to laugh again. Laughter is, after all, a communal activity which promotes bonding, diffuses potential conflict and eases stress and anxiety. It’s an activity best done with others, rather than at others. Laughter does good, just like a medicine. Come on, let’s get to laughing

To Get Her to Pray

First Lady Jamel Meeks

The secret weapon of all believing women is prayer. Yet we wrestle with, “how often should I pray?” “Can I pray the same thing over and over?” “Will God hear my prayer?” At the conclusion of this workshop, each participant will be equipped and inspired with the tools of persistent prayer. 

Weeping and Winning

First Lady Rose Godlock

Life is full of ups and downs, this we know. One minute we are crying and the next we are laughing. In a matter of minutes, we can go from mourning to dancing. What you may not realize is that you do not have to do life alone. Building strong relationships with other women is vital when it comes to having support as you navigate this roller coaster ride of trials and triumph. We are in this together whether we are Weeping or Winning.

The Warrior Inside

Pastor Rose Bonner

What you're going through or what you've been through does not have to describe you. It is a barometer that can help define you. Learn strategies based on the word of God for coping with various challenges and setbacks in life.

The Wonders of Womanhood

Dr. Bernice Garnett Alston

God has blessed women to historically do wondrous things through prayer, preparation, perseverance, passion and power. Examples of extraordinary women of color date back as far as the warrior Empress Candace of Ethiopia who turned back Alexander the Great; to Charlotte, the Black Queen of England who ran the country for years and had 15 children; and today’s African American female game-changers. How do we do life together to become wondrously successful women in today’s fast-paced and competitive climate?

Your Breakthrough is Up to You

Reverend Nikki Pearson

Has your life been shackled by issues and problems of your past? Perhaps you're very successful on the outside - career, education, finances, marriage and family – but on the inside, there's a little girl, young or seasoned woman screaming to be free? At times do you feel like your issues are sucking the very breath out of you? Not a day or night goes by that your life is not somehow negatively affected. Are you ready for a breakthrough? Then, we believe this workshop is for you.


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