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The Invitation

One of the beautiful things about accepting Christ is that we become a new creation, remade by grace to fulfill God’s purpose. As Grace Girls growing in our relationship with Him, we are called to change the world by leading people to Jesus so that they can also be remade.

Have you considered how God wants to use you—through your career, ministry, gifts and relationships—to remake the world in His image? Join us at Remade by Grace 2019 for intimate sessions with Legends of Grace – Grace Girls who not only mastered their careers or ministries, but then used their influence to disciple other women.

This year’s retreat will feature Legendary Lessons during which these pioneers will share strategies and nuggets of wisdom from their journeys. As the Legends pour into you, it is my hope that you will be inspired to change the world by pursuing the dreams God has given you and using your positions to pour into other women.

Join us at Remade by Grace 2019 for a time of connection, conversation and community that will reveal the Legend in you!

First Lady Trina Jenkins

Sharing life with one another is water to the soul. It produces roots that connect us for a lifetime.

Remade by Grace 2019

The Grace Girls are headed to the Norfolk Hilton the Main, May 22-24, 2019, for Remade by Grace. Grab your besties and join us as we engage in Connection, Conversation and Community.