Reverend Nikki Pearson


W. Nikki Pearson, or “Reverend Nikki,” as she is so affectionately known, is passionate about using sound biblical teaching to encourage others to overcome, confront, and conquer their issues. She serves as an associate pastor at First Baptist Church of Glenarden and is a Bible instructor and women’s focus studies group facilitator. Reverend Nikki was recently blessed to become the Community Support Services Coordinator for FBCG’s non-profit arm of the church, SHABACH! Ministries, Inc, where she gets to serve directly in the community.

Reverend Nikki embodies determination and faith in all she does—and she hopes to pass that on to those who are lost, lonely, and hungry for the power of the Word of God. She knows that the same faith that has brought her through will lead others to their own breakthrough. Thus, when she is not serving in FBCG you can usually find her speaking at women’s conferences and retreats, preaching or teaching at a local church, or sitting amidst a group of women, pouring into them.    

 Reverend Nikki is not only a Psalmist with a Christian CD that she wrote and produced a few years ago, but she is also a published poet, and more recently she has released her long anticipated book, Your BREAKTHROUGH Is Up To You, which traces the story of the woman with the issue of blood and her long awaited healing and deliverance from all the problems that one issue caused. Laced within the pages of that woman’s story is Reverend Nikki’s personal testimony of her journey to her own long-awaited healing and deliverance. BREAKTHROUGH may make you laugh, surely cry, but in the end, there is cause for great celebration, as the woman with the issue of blood gets her breakthrough, Nikki get’s hers, and if you follow the steps they took, you will get yours too.  Your BREAKTHROUGH Is Up To You.

Reverend Nikki has one son and three grandchildren. When she’s not inspiring others through her celebratory teaching and showing believers how to grow in their faith, she can be found listening to sermons, many genres of music, reading, entertaining people in her home, spontaneous road trips to anywhere, or spending time at the beach.

 Reverend Nikki would love to serve as speaker for your ministry, focus group, friends or congregation. She is available to officiate weddings, funerals, ordinations, house blessings, baby blessings, prayer breakfasts, and other events. If you are interested in scheduling her to speak at your event, teach a workshop, facilitate a focus study, or do an in-person discussion and/or book signing, call 301-318-4396 or send an inquiry to

Breakthrough is sold on line and in various bookstores and venues. If you don’t see it in your local bookstore or faith venues, request that they carry it.