Raychon A. Stroman


Raychon A. Stroman is a creative artist, writer and speaker who goes by the name TheArtist’sRay. As a former educator, Raychon combines teaching with artistic outlets to help others to utilize their gifts and talents to fulfill their divine purpose.

Raychon studied at Temple University, where she earned her degree in Psychology with secondary concentrations in Women’s Studies and Religion. It was this background and her early schooling in Creative and Performing Arts that paved the way for her unique call to ministry. 

Raychon has been a member of FBCG since 1998. Currently, she is taking training courses and actively serves within the Women’s Ministry. Raychon has ministered in both Christian and secular settings, in addition to providing creative consultation and spoken word for dance and theatrical productions. 

 An insightful presenter of God’s Word, Raychon seeks to bring biblical truths to life in ways that are memorable and applicable.