First Lady Rosita “Rose” Godlock


Rosita “Rose” Godlock is proud to be a native of Washington, D.C. She currently resides in Maryland with her husband of 26 years, Darryl L. Godlock. After 20 years in banking, she is excited about her current position as daycare provider for their first grandchild. Her husband Darryl is the Senior Pastor of Calvert County Baptist Church (CCBC) in Prince Frederick, MD. The Godlock family came to CCBC in 2014.

Rose has embraced her role as First Lady and strives to serve with passion, excitement, compassion and humor. She believes it is crucial to present a different perspective of the traditional pastor’s wife. Rose knows it is important to remain true to herself and not conform to unrealistic expectations that have been placed on the pastor’s wife. With a strong desire to impact women, Rose has committed to sharing her life’s journey to encourage, uplift, and inspire as many as possible. In 2015 Rose was a co-collaborator of the book ‘Behind The Makeup of A Leading Lady’. This project provided an opportunity to share with others the difficult road of infertility and show a more vulnerable side. In March 2019, she launched her first podcast/talk show ‘The Diva Den’ which is geared towards providing an environment for open and honest discussions surrounding topics that concern her majority female audience. 

Rose has a strong desire to help women reach their full potential and assist them in living their best life.