Roxanne Burroughs

Roxanne Burroughs, one of seven children, married 40 yrs., mother of two sons, and the grandmother of two grandchildren.  She is the current Director of Tamar Ministry for women who were sexually abused and assaulted serving over 15,000 members at FBCG. Roxanne has a passion to serve the Lord by helping women attain healing who were sexually abused and assaulted. Her dedication for serving women of sexual assault is out of her own experience as a child and finding out later in life that her 2 nieces where sexual abused. She is a Business owner, facilitator and a graduate of Bauder College Miami, Florida, First Baptist Church of Glenarden Bible Institute, completed eclectic training and courses at Bethel Seminary St. Paul, MN, Prince George’s Community College, University North Carolina, and Light Unversity.  Roxanneis a faithful member of FBCG for over 20 plus years, she loves sports (Basketball), she loves to sew, and most of all she loves to travel.