Pamela Virgil

Tell us about yourself.

I met my husband in the military while on tour in the U.S. Army in Germany.
We dated for eight months before getting married and will celebrate our 30 th
anniversary this year. We have six children, two grandkids and a son-in-
law. I grew up living with my mother, father, two sisters and my brother.
We always enjoyed hearing my father tell us the story of how he fell in love
with my mother at first sight and knew that she was going to be his wife.
Unfortunately, my parents’ marriage ended in divorce after six separations.
I joined the U.S. Army on the delayed entry program in the 11 th grade. My
sister and I eventually went to live with my dad, who unbeknownst to us,

was living with his girlfriend at a different residence. So for an entire year,
we were responsible for managing the household without parental
supervision. However, my father returned to his house in my senior year
and attempted to be our “dad,” and I chose to leave and live on my own
with a roommate.


What is the one thing that you recently discovered about yourself?

During a recent message, Pastor Jenkins taught on bitterness and
unforgiveness. It was during his teaching that I realized that I harbored
bitterness and was dealing with the consequences that are associated with
having it in your life. A lot of the things I do and how I feel are connected to
the bitterness I harbor. I know that in order for me to “shine,” I have to
allow God to deal with me in this area.


Has there ever been a time when your relationship with God was in a
dark place?

As a child, I gave my life to Christ at 9 years old. Being connected to the
church was a way of life for me. I was involved in every aspect of the
church growing up. I was always taught the importance of having Christ in
my life. However, there was a time when I was not as connected to God as
I knew I should be. I drifted away as a young adult. It was during those
times that I realized how weak I was without God, I just couldn’t do it by
myself. My walk with God is essential and I honor Him today because He
found me in the darkness and led me back to Him.


What is the best part of Remade by Grace for you?

Every year I make new friends through connections that are only available
at Remade by Grace. This year I am excited to hear the amazing speakers
and receive insight that I can apply to my life. I am also looking forward to
being postured to allow God to heal and dispel the darkness that comes
with my bitterness.

Tylunda Greene