ToGetHer Challenge

The Goal

At the beginning of the year, Pastor Jenkins challenged us to pursue the unsaved people in our lives – to connect with them and introduce them to Jesus. For He Loves Me 2019, Grace Girls will do so with the ToGetHer Challenge. For 10 days, pursue a woman ToGetHer to come to Jesus and she will attend He Loves Me as our guest!

The Method

To participate, you must be registered for He Loves Me 2019. Visit and register by Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. From Sept. 13-22, complete these challenges in order ToGetHer:

  • Challenge 1:Identify five women in your life (friends, coworkers or family members) who do not know Christ. Pray over your list and ask God to help you identify “her” – the one woman you will pursue. 

  • Challenge 2: Reach out to her via phone or text. Check in and share an encouraging word.

  • Challenge 3: Meet up with her. Do an activity like working out or grabbing a bite. 

  • Challenge 4: Invite her to church. Bring her along when you attend a Sunday worship service.

  • Challenge 5: Register her for He Loves Me. When you bring her to church at FBCG on Sept. 15 or Sept. 22, after service you will be able to register her onsite for the conference at no charge. 

We want every woman to confidently declare “He loves me.” If you know someone who cannot, it’s time ToGetHer!

ToGetHer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone participate in the ToGetHer Challenge? 

A: Yes, any woman may participate. However, in order to bring a friend to the conference at no charge, you must register yourself for the conference by Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. 

Q: Should I pursue all the women on my list?

A: While you can choose to pursue all the women on your list, we recommend that you ask God to point you in the direction of one woman on whom you can focus your efforts. We pray all your friends will become saved, but only one of them will be able to attend He Loves Me at no charge.

Q: Can I bring anyone I want as my free guest to He Loves Me?

A: The purpose of the ToGetHer Challenge is to lead unsaved women to Christ. Therefore, the woman that you pursue and ultimately bring to He Loves Me at no charge should be a woman who does not have a relationship with Christ.

Q: How will I get the free registration for my friend?

A: Bring her with you to one of FBCG’s Sunday services on either Sept. 15 or Sept. 22 and we will register her onsite in the Great Hall after service. Visit the He Loves Me registration table. Registration must occur during one of these times in order for her to attend for free.

Q: Does my friend have to be with me at Sunday service in order to register her for the conference?

A: Yes, you must have your friend with you at FBCG on Sept. 15 or Sept. 22 in order to register her for the conference for free. Visit the He Loves Me registration table.

Q: How can I register myself for He Loves Me so I can get started on the challenge?

A: Visit www.fbcggracegirls.comto register.

Q: Do I have to report my progress on each step of the challenge?

A: We would love to know that you’re participating in the ToGetHer Challenge, so feel free to post to social media using the #HeLovesMe19 hashtag letting us know that you’ve accepted the challenge. Please use discretion with your posts as we would like to respect your friend’s privacy – and she may even be following you on social media! While we will not be tracking your individual progress on each step, we’d love to hear more about your experience at the conclusion of the challenge.

Q: I still have questions. Who can I contact?

A: Feel free to send an email to women@fbcglenarden.orgwith any additional questions.