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Grace Girls,

In 2017, we started the quest of discovering the true meaning of bravery.  The Oxford dictionary defines ‘brave’ as ready to face danger or pain; showing courage. 

My hope for you Grace Girl is that as you head into the future, you know that God is with you and has given you the power to push past the hindrances that are placed in front of you. I am believing that you will live life in a posture of faith in God’s promises.

While attending He Loves Me, I pray that you (and the Grace Girls you bring) will be inspired, surprised and awed by the impartation of God’s presence.  Please join me as we raise our swords and adjust our crowns.  He Loves You.  He’s with you wherever you go. Because God is with you, you are Brave enough to face whatever comes your way. 

See you at the celebration – He Loves Me 2017!


First Lady Trina Jenkins