Shine Like a Diamond
Facilitator: Gwen Pete

We are all diamonds in the rough.  This workshop will empower you to “Shine Like a Diamond.” As you go through the adversities of life, it is pressure, the process of cutting, being polished by the Master Jeweler, that reveals your true inner beauty and brings out the diamond within.

Shine Across Generations
Speaker: First Lady Tracey Nutall

Living in a multigenerational world, where views differ and communication misunderstood, people often ask if there is hope in bridging generations.  No matter what generation we find ourselves in, God's intent is to connect.  How do we share Christ and bring Him glory?  Learn how to shine across generations and share Jesus to any age demographic.  

Shining In Your Uniqueness
Speaker: Cheryl Martin


Keep Your Light Bright in a Dark World
Speaker: Rev. Debra Barr

In a world that celebrates conformity and censored diversity, it is sometimes challenging to live out your God-given purpose.  You were created as one of a kind. No matter what the world says, you are enough just the way you are now.  Learn to shine in your uniqueness and bring glory to God.


In a world that embraces ungodly lifestyles, keeping your light bright is often challenging.  Learn how to uphold a godly standard while loving others with different views

Being a Brand Ambassador for Jesus
Speaker: Dr. Susan Johnson Cook

God is not looking for an incredible person to use for His purposes; He’s looking for a credible one. Strong character is a non-negotiable for bringing glory to God. It is possible to have a successful life and represent Jesus to the world.  Learn to live a successful life and shine in your public life.

Faith Under Fire
Speaker: Twanna Henderson

The enemy's attacks will make you doubt God, causing your faith to dim. Learn to let the LIGHT of faith shine brightly in the midst of life's hardships and difficulties.

Son Shine
Jayne Mentzer

Everyone loves the beautiful sun Shine on a gorgeous day. Unfortunately, there are seasons in our lives when the storm clouds roll in and the devastation can be overwhelming. Let me take you through a few of my own debilitating storms and give you a glimpse of how God reminds me that in order to get to the rainbow, you have to go through the rain.  Then, my dear ladies, is when the disaster relief begins to take place and the SON SHINES in and through you.

Shine While You Wait
Monica Goodwyn

Where did the time go?  What does one do when they find themselves in a new season in life? Children are now grown, retirement has now become more than just a dream but your reality, a new career that presents new opportunities. New seasons can present new challenges. Learn how to navigate these exciting new times.