Grace Girls



We are Grace Girls!  Our past does not determine our future.   

Welcome to the First Baptist Church of Glenarden Women’s website! This site is a place for women to gather who are undeserving recipients of God’s generous love. We admit that we do not deserve His love or kindness, yet in spite of our poor choices, He continues to shower us with love.  How amazing is it that God’s love for us is so extraordinary that He will move heaven and earth to allow us the opportunity to be in right standing with Him. Our actions – past and present – merits death, yet we are extended grace over and over. 

So if you have made a few mistakes in your life, you will fit well with this group.  We are a group of girls that often get it wrong, but we wake every day with the determination to do our best and to be better than the day before. 

What you will find in our community are tools that we believe will inspire you to trust God every step of your journey.  Take time to read the latest blog post and learn about everyday women who overcame struggles they faced by God's grace!

Want to know what we are up to? Visit our Community page! There is always something happening here at FBCG and we want you to know about it, so you don’t miss out on the fun! We love to hold conversations, so feel free to let us know what’s on your mind on our Contact page. Moreover, while you are here, peruse the other pages; you never know what surprises you may find.  


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